Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey Everyone! This is my FIRST blog! I decided that I would do a review on the makeup I bought yesterday. I bought 4 new products from ELF (Eyes Lip Face). Luckily I don't have to order E.L.F online, and they have almost all of the products at a local TARGET and KMART. 
I'm a big fan of their new STUDIO Line, and their prices are great! Everything is mostly $3 or $5. In my opinion this is good quality makeup. I also love the packaging, very professional looking!

I've been looking for a new eye primer, so today I picked their Eye Primer + Liner Sealer for only $3!  This works GREAT! It comes with two sides, PRIMER and SEALER.
I really like BOTH sides of this.
No creasing whatsoever. Holds eyeshadow in place.
It transforms your eyeshadow into a waterproof liquid eyeliner, which is really cool.  :)

GLOSSY GLOSS - Pink Salmon. $3 You can never have enough lip gloss!
I was surprised to read on the package "has no sparkle". It's hard to find a colored lip gloss that has no glitter or sparkle, etc. It is a beautiful clearish-salmon pink color and adds a nice shine to the lip without being too much. I also love the applicator (small brush), rather than the sponge which you'd have to pump a few times just to get some color out. It works great, and $3 lip gloss makes me smile! :D

This is a smooth cream eyeshadow, that you can use to contour and line your eyes. It is really pigmented, which is always a plus! This also works great as an eyeshadow primer!
I love this eyeliner! It also comes with a small brush, which is really soft. This is a well pigmented liner and creamy. It goes on smoothly, and smudge proof once FULLY dry! This can also be used as a base, and highlighter. I plan on buying all of the colors!

I hope you found this review helpful!


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  1. thanks for the review :D I heavily dislike the eye primer and sealer though but love the gel liner too :D Where did you buy the glossy gloss from though? As I cannot find it online. And I love shimmerless glosses :D Thanks for the post yet again x

  2. I'm sorry you don't like the primer! :/
    The TARGET and KMART near my house (in Massachusetts) sells the glossy gloss. :) It's strange because I looked at the ELF site and can't find it on there either, so strange!!!